Tree Trimming: When is it Time?

Trees are pruned for a number of different reasons. They are a beneficial landscape routine that helps your tree grow sufficiently and live even longer. It mainly focuses on removing damaged or dead branches, but it also helps in decreasing the risk of disease growth in trees. With trimming, you can have the best of both worlds. A healthy tree, and a picturesque view. Great, right?

But tree trimming isn’t as simple as getting a pair of pruning shears on a good day, and then shaping your tree out however you prefer, whenever you prefer. In fact, contrary to popular belief, there are appropriate time windows into tree trimming to keep them healthy. Non-essential tree pruning, especially in undesirable intervals, can actually do more harm than good to your precious trees. (And remember, in case you might need it— fall season is the worst time you can do it!)

First of all, we need a general knowledge of the tree that’s in your yard. If you don’t know your tree’s individual stages and processes, then DIY-ing a tree pruning can be pretty hard and pretty dangerous for your tree and those around it. If you need some extra help on how to take care of your tree, you can always ask your local tree trimmer for an inspection. If you want to be guaranteed, quality work without lifting a finger— a tree company near you is just a phone call away!

Tree Trimming in Columbia MO

With that in mind, we’ll give you a rundown on what we think a perfect time is when you can give your precious tree a little more love, and a good tree trimming to match— arborist-approved. Let’s start!



All-year-round. Some of your evergreens can fare better with regular trimming, but only start this practice just right after the first winter after planting, if you’re thinking about pruning it only for shape. At the advice of a tree-care specialist, regular pruning throughout the tree’s life will promote growth and proper development! Plus, it also reduces the maintenance necessary, all year long.


If Really, Really Needed

Tree trimming, as we’ve said earlier, is much more aimed at eliminating dying or diseased tree branches. And there’s really no ideal time frame to do this. A dead branch is as much of a risk to your tree and to anyone in proximity that it could fall upon, so you need to do it as soon as possible.


During Winter

Most species of trees are generally safe to prune in winter. It is when the trees are not actively growing, and therefore it’s a dormant season. Pruning at this particular season is generally preferred since it encourages development as soon as the weather begins to warm. The lack of leaves also contributes to better identification of which branches to cut and which branches to leave.


After Blooming

If you have flowering trees, they’re best when they’re trimmed by you, or your hired tree company, right after they bloom for the best results, and the best blooms us tree trimmers can be proud of!

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