Associated Teams

Gear it Forward has started four FTC teams in the past three years. These teams have gone to
numerous FTC competitions, placing highly at both. Gear it forward continues to support out FTC siblings
by sending mentors and supplies, as well as securing them their own personal workshop.

Gear it Forward has mentored numerous FLL Teams in the area. We have sent over people to help the teams
by providing experienced leadership. Additionally, we host a double FLL qualifier for the teams we assist
as well as other teams in the area.

Gear it Forward has hels our fellow FRC team Ironclad start, as well as provided mechanical help for them
during their rookie year. You can find Ironclad here.

Titan Robotics from the Illinois Math and Science Academy lost their workspace due to a flu outbreak, we offered our workspace
for a couple of weeks, visit them here.


(000) 000-0000 x12387


71 Stonehill Road
Oswego, IL 60543
United States of America